An investigation of contradictions creates the basis of my artworks- complex, mystical, surreal.


My creative Path, has been full of twists and turns, impacting the way my art is driven by things out of my vision.  It’s now fueled by the influence of the expansiveness and the incredible light of my Palm Springs, California desert environment.  The ever changing nature of the desert - it’s soft, malleable and flexible - affects the way my artworks are moving from very structured, surrealistic architectural landscapes to softer, more mystical elements with an interplay of reality and dreamlike qualities.


Reflecting the kaleidoscope that colors life, the focus of my artwork is contradictions.  Life’s ups and downs are implied in a mystical realistic way, encouraging viewers to relate their story with the artworks’ story of hope and expectations - the ever-present options.  In moments of self-doubt or adversity I reflect on the source of my creativity and inspiration, the concept of the impermanence and ever-changing aspects of life, and this reenergizes me and facilitates visualizing the way way my artworks start to come alive.  Since I rarely do preliminary sketches for my work, visualization is key and quieting the many thoughts and ideas for my artworks is the biggest challenge that keeps me up at night,


Just when I thought I was moving along the then current path, I was introduced to the ProCreate app during a iPad session at an Apple Store.  I discovered an entirely new and exciting way to create what felt so alien to the process of painting on canvas, familiar, yet different.  As with any new venture, time, patience, and persistence were aided by my daily painting practice and my personal and professional motto to ‘Never Give Up’.  My artworks reflect the kaleidoscope that colors life with its entanglements and contradictions.  Life’s ups and downs are implied in a mystical realistic way encouraging viewers to relate their story with the artwork’s story of hope and expectations in the midst of entanglements and contradictions.


Shaping my oeuvre: The continuum of my work evolves from traditional training with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in art and a Ph.D. in educational administration followed by multinational business experience and now exploring new media while maintaining the impact of my historical influencers: Hieronymus Bosch - “his use of fantastic imagery and placement”, the Dutch Masters and Vermeer in particular -”...his masterly treatment and use of light”, Gustav Klimt - “elegant and decorative elements”, Georgia O’Keeffe - “contoured forms that are replete with subtle transitions of varying colors”, and Magritte - “his ability to place ordinary objects in unfamiliar spaces…”, my inner vision as an artist is set against this backdrop.


"Evolution of a digital painting"

“When we create or appreciate art, we set free the spirit trapped within. This is why art arouses such joy.” Daisaku Ikeda