"Evolution of a painting"

“When we create or appreciate art, we set free the spirit trapped within. This is why art arouses such joy.” Daisaku Ikeda


An investigation of contradictions creates the basis of my paintings - complex, mystical realism.

Focused on expansion: Expansion of space within the canvas.  Expansion of principles guiding my creative process.  Expansion of my color palette.  Encouraging viewers to be challenged by the reality they see, or think they see.

Determination in a world of challenges: Expansion resulting from life-altering situations, blank canvases challenge me with a combination of urgency, courage and excitement. The result: complex paintings investigating and contrasting realism-versus-surrealism, organic juxtaposed with abstract visual concepts. Themes include dream-like metaphors of hurdles, which convey the painting’s’ “story” of introspection, reflection and hope, on the part of artist and viewer.

Shaping my oeuvre: Expanding on my historical influencers: Hieronymus Bosch - “his use of fantastic imagery and placement”, the Dutch Masters and Vermeer in particular -”...his masterly treatment and use of light”, Gustav Klimt - “elegant and decorative elements”, Georgia O’Keeffe - “contoured forms that are replete with subtle transitions of varying colors”, and Magritte - “his ability to place ordinary objects in unfamiliar spaces…”, my inner vision as an artist is set against this backdrop.


Jorge Mendez Gallery

Joshua Tree Art Gallery

Galerie Métanoïa