Selected Oil Paintings

Shadows of the Former INTERALIA Repurposed 2017 Interalia is the title of one of my early paintings that was, unfortunately, damaged by water leaks and which can be seen when viewed up close. The thought of parting with this painting was difficult for me, so I tacked it to a wall as a reminder of times past and not sure what I would do with it. As the planning for this exhibit evolved I knew that I wanted to create an installation artwork. My initial idea for the installation, while worthy of consideration, was not practical and repurposing Interalia evolved. The process of cutting the original canvas into strips was not easy emotionally, but as I laid the strips on the floor and began to see the potential for a new work of art, something I’d not attempted previously, my emphasis shifted to excitement. And as the canvas strips were put into place and the lighting organized, Shadows of the Former INTERALIA took shape — the shadows reminding me that “when the body bends, so does the shadow.”* With special thanks to Edgar, Erika, Paul and Victor whose expertise, labor and guidance are greatly appreciated. *Nichiren Daishonin, The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, May 6, 1280

Shadows of the Formerly Interalia -Repurposed

14 x 10 x 70 in

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