Festival d'Art Sacre de Senlis France
21 April - April 28, 2019

Festival d_Art Sacre de Senlis France

From Sunday, April 21 until April 28, the first festival of sacred art Senlis will gather more artists from around the world.
Often accused of hiding behind its ramparts, Senlis will open to the world from Sunday, on the occasion of a festival of sacred art unpublished. An artistic and cultural event initiated by the association Les Poissons du Ciel France, which worked for two years to finalize this festival.
"It will be an interdenominational artistic event, which will bring together artists from around the world, freely expressing their perception of the sacred," summarizes Marc Higonnet, president of the organizing committee.
4 iconic places
Exhibitions, performances, concerts and conferences will be linked during these eight days in four emblematic places of Senlis: the cathedral, the Saint-Frambourg chapel, the space Saint-Pierre and the priory Saint-Maurice. In these sites dedicated to the Catholic religion, all confessions will be able to express themselves for this first edition whose guest of honor is Japan.

Under the direction of Marc Higonnet, Festival d'Art Sacre de Senlis is produced with the assistance of Alexandre Indjic, Performing Arts; Céli Koma, Public relations & press; Jacky Kooken, Visual Arts; and Yoshie Araki, Japan Coordination, and in conjunction with Policy Committee members: Marc Bascou, Honorary General Conservator of the Louvre Museum, Paris; Anne Facérias, Producer, President of the association Diaconie de la Beauté; Joseph-Antoine d’Ornano, Painter and writer. Former senior official at the Ministry of Culture; Pr. Jonathan Shimony, Painter and sculptor. Professor of History of Art American University of Paris; Pr. Deborah Jenner, Art History Professor at the Centre Saint Charles (Paris-1 Sorbonne) and American Business School, Paris; Jean-Marc Simon, Ambassadeur de France.Member of the Overseas Academy of Sciences; Pr. Katia Buffetrille, Ethnologist and Tibetologist School of High Studies, Paris; Pr. Katia Buffetrille, Ethnologist and Tibetologist School of High Studies, Paris; Ghaleb Bencheikh, Director of the Soufie House, Responsible for Islam with The Artisans of Peace (inter-religious association); Xavier Guézou, Co-founder and general delegate, Institute of Higher Studies of the Religious World (lHEMR), Paris; Gérard Kurkdjian, Musician, writer and producer.Co-founder and advisor of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music; Laurent Grzybowski, Journalist, musician,Head of the Interfaith Coordination of Greater Paris (CINPA)